The introduction of a single-player-campaign in Titanfall 2 inspired the development of new threats and enemies. Since the player is often switching between piloting a Titan and on-foot combat, creating an enemy that would be challenging for both scenarios is particularly interesting. The Reaper fills that spot. Having been called "Super Spectre" during development, it is a lot bigger than the humanoid Spectres and roughly half the size of a Titan.
When fighting them on foot, Reapers almost act like mini-bosses. Their bulky shoulders and brute-like design underline this impression. To avoid their barrage of rockets and melee attacks the player must move quickly in-and-out of cover and outmanoeuvre the Reapers. But when the player himself is in a Titan, these roles are reversed. Now the Reaper is the more agile fighter and the player must take him out quickly to avoid being outrun.
It is that functionality, which gives the Titanfall 2 campaign the necessary variety. And the addition of a Reaper to the LEGO® dioramas helps to display said variety.
For building the Reaper with LEGO® to make sense, it had to be in the same scale as the other Titans. This demanded some creative solutions to maintain both the form of the original as well as the livery. The colour splits of white (Colour-ID 1) and orange (4) are primarily achieved by using LEGO® wheel arches (Part-ID 28326) on the side and top of the torso. A white road sign (Part-ID 892) is used for the shape of the head and old head-pieces (Part-ID x209) from the LEGO® "Slizer" product line are used for the shoulders. Minifigure weapons (Part-ID 55237g) compose his upper arms and the addition of multiple bucket-handles add the necessary texture.
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