Hi, I'm Marius and I am a Brick Artist
What does that mean? Well, like many of us, I played with LEGO® bricks as a kid. So much so, that I wanted no other toy and no other hobby. And I just never stopped building things. 
That was until I got my first game console: Exploring the vast virtual worlds for the first time blew my mind. They were so intricate and detailed like nothing I had seen before. But after a while I became disappointed that they only existed on screen.
So I thought:
I love LEGO® and I love games. Why not combine the two?
In 2016 I started to recreate some of my favourite designs from the Titanfall games and it all snowballed from there. Since then I have created dozens of unique models inspired by some of the industry's biggest games. These builds have been on display at numerous LEGO® fan exhibitions around the world as well as found permanent homes at some of my favourite game studios.
Here you can find some of the models I made along with insights into what they were based on as well as how they were created. All of them were built using official LEGO® bricks unless otherwise stated and none are sponsored or endorsed by the LEGO® Group.
Bringing virtual worlds, iconic designs and original ideas to life brick by brick has been a dream come true!
So tell me: 
What do you want to build next?
I hope the creations you see on this site serve as an inspiration!
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