I do not collect any visitor data from this website. Adobe Portfolio is the website host, and may collect data such as IP addresses in order to ensure the service is performing optimally.
If you contact me via the contact form, I will obtain your email address, and any other personal data that you might have placed in the subject and message fields. All such e-mails are stored on my mailserver, protected with two-factor authentication. Any devices which have access to the email accounts are encrypted, and are password protected.
I will only use data you have provided me with in order to answer your query, or to fulfil your order, commission or request. I will retain this information for audit and accounting purposes. I will never sell your details, nor use it for any other purpose.
If you no longer wish me to hold your personal data in the form of e-mails, please contact me and make that request, and I will delete all data I hold about you to the extent I am able (retaining anything legally required such as model consent forms etc).
My shop is hosted by Gumroad, Inc.. Please refer to their Privacy Policy for information about the data they collect and the purposes they use it for.
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