Rōnin (浪人)
(Samurai without a Master)
Two years after the release of the original game, Titanfall 2 released in 2016 with a variety of new content and features. One of the most fundamental changes was the introduction of six new Titans. These differ from one another not only in weight like in the first game, but all feature a unique set of skills and moves. To give each of them an own character, they spot individual designs and weapons as well.
One of those unique weapons was shown in the very first teaser of the game: A Titan-sized sword. It was later revealed that it is wielded by the appropriately named Ronin-class, a fast and nimble Titan specialising in hit and run tactics. It sacrifices durability and strength for speed and agility.
After the game had launched, Ronin quickly became a fan-favourite. Because it is based on the Stryder-class from the first game, its structure is somewhat similar. For that reason and because it is my favourite Titan design, I decided to recreate Ronin first.
"Sword core online"
- Titan OS
For the LEGO® model of Ronin, some of Stryder's design solutions were re-used. Those included the inner structure of the upper legs and the hands, respectively. Still, Ronin differs significantly from Stryder in his appearance. If the latter was the base military-version, Ronin appears more like a flashy racing variant. The air-intakes on the side of the cockpit, the small winglets on his head and the boosters on his shoulders emphasise that aesthetic. The main body also features sharper lines and the cockpit has a round shape giving him a striking elegance. 
This is underlined by his paint job. Instead of a bland grey, Ronin's main color is white (Colour-ID 1) with stripes and details in dark red (Colour-ID 59). Even though the players can change the colours of their Titan, this base color combination mimics the Japanese flag, which is fitting considering Ronin's name and also the reason I chose it for the LEGO® recreation. Ronin was the first LEGO® model I created, which features different colours and distinct colour-splits. A lot of different SNOT (studs-not-on-top) techniques as well as printed parts were used to achieve that look.
Because Ronin's legs are very skinny, the legs of the LEGO® model are not able to support the upper body. The recreation therefore uses the Sword as a third pillar for the build to rest on. 
Alternatively, his legs can be attached to a platform to give him the necessary stability. The platform I created for him is inspired by the Titanfall 2 multiplayer map "Black Water Canal" and incorporates the tree-design and ramps typically found on that map.
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