The redesigned version of the IMC's main aerospace fighter, as seen in "Titanfall 2". It is the first non-mech recreation I made from the series. This page describes the design-evolution of the Phantom in the Titanfall-franchise and the building process of the LEGO® model.
Titanfall 2
The Ogre-based Titan named after his widespreading fire attacks. Scorch is the sixth and final Titan from "Titanfall 2" to be recreated in LEGO®. This page describes the design process for both the Titan itself and the diorama of "Angel City" which was added at a later date.
Titanfall 2
A recreation of the Laser-focused Titan Ion from the game "Titanfall 2". as well as the small enemy robot called Reaper. Ion was designed in 2016 after the games release, while Reaper and a small diorama were added in 2019. Instructions for both are available at the end of the page.
Titanfall 2
The sword-wielding, close-combat specialist. Introduced in "Titanfall 2", this model is the first Titan I built based on that game. This page explains Ronin's unique characteristics and how they were implemented with regard to the model. Building instructions can be found at the end of the page.
Titanfall 2
The lightest Titan chassis developed by Hammond Robotics and one of three available in "Titanfall". The LEGO® recreation was the first brick-built mech I created. This page explains the origins of the "Titanfall"-franchise, the design process for the Stryder and its later use for a diorama.
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