"Flame Core Online"
- Titan OS
The mighty Scorch, or "Papa Scorch" as the community likes to call it, was one of the first new Titans to be revealed for Titanfall 2. With its arsenal of fire-based attacks Scorch is perfect for area-control and a fan-favourite among players. Like Legion, it is based on the heavy Ogre class from the first Titanfall. Accordingly, Scorch features a bulky overall shape as well as a hefty backpack with numerous boosters to give him the necessary mobility. All of this makes for a varied LEGO® build, though some elements were rather difficult to address.
The cockpit was especially tricky to recreate with LEGO® given its curved shape. This is the case because Scorch inherits many design elements from the Ogre Titan from the original Titanfall including the hatch and leg designs. Back in 2016 I could not find enough suitable pieces to create an accurate model, so I put the project on hold. The introduction of the new wedge slopes (Part ID 29119 and 29120) as well as the quarter circle tile (Part ID 25269) allowed me to arrive at the satisfactory representation seen here. Additionally, all detailed parts used are original LEGO® parts. None of the pieces had to be custom-printed or painted.
Scorch's eyes, or the glowing dots on the cockpit, were another difficult detail. I initially thought about painting a LEGO® piece in a similar fashion to the way Tone was built. However, I ultimately found an official LEGO® part with a print (Part-ID: 2654pb004), which was similar enough to the eyes' design. All other detailed parts, like the ones on his chest and knees, are official LEGO® pieces as well.
Just like the other Titans, I wanted Scorch to have his standard paint job, but I took some liberty in implementing it. In the game its main color is definitely tan (Colour-ID 2), but - depending on the lighting in a scene - its secondary color looks almost olive. Since this shade of green is very faint compared to the saturated olive green LEGO® bricks, I decided to not implement it and instead use dark tan (Colour-ID 69) bricks. The only part I kept the olive green accent (Colour-ID 155) is the tank on its backpack. This is also my personal part highlight of the model as it uses a quite unusual part, namely a LEGO® car front (Part-ID 98835).
It is not the only vehicle part used in the design. The shoulders are build around two wheel arches (Part-ID 50745). The black stripes on the shoulder pads and the wirst plates were made with LEGO® rubber bands. I used some LEGO® Technic pieces to recreate the thrusters and detailing at the back such as a gear (Part-ID 24014) and a driving ring (Part-ID 18947). Scorch is also the only Titan for which I did not build hands out of multiple smaller parts, but instead used a preexisting part from LEGO® Bionicle (Part-ID 64251).
Welcome to Angel City
Battle in District 12 of one of the largest cities in the Frontier
Even though Scorch was the last of the Titans from Titanfall 2 I finished, it was the first one I designed a diorama for. It is based on the iconic multiplayer map Angel City, introduced in the first game. Since all maps in Titanfall have to offer enough space for multiple Titans, the areas are often huge. But finding a small yet distinguishable section of Angel City was rather easy. The map has a central small courtyard with a news tower in the middle surrounded by cherry blossom trees.
It is this small scene that I wanted to recreate. Since I built the scenery at roughly the same time as I started with the Alfheim diorama, I used the same building technique for the tree here. To complete the scene, I added a demolished car typically found in Angel City as well as a small recreation of the Phase Shift Pilot.
Even though the tall news tower is missing in this LEGO® diorama, I still wanted to use some of its elements in the model. Therefore the "Wanted"-poster of James MacAllan, normally displayed on the tower, can be found on the courtyard wall instead. I really like including small details like that for fans of the game to spot.
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